Digital art-prints of Dutch buildings & modern architecture in the cities of The Netherlands

In 2015 I started to make my graphic art in a digital way. I made them from my own photos of modern architecture and building activities in the big Dutch cities.

My art-prints are for sale - printed on dibond including a protection coating for the print surface - or printed on paper, to put in a frame behind glass.
Every piece of these recent prints are printed in a limited edition. The printing process happens in my presence, or in a close connection between me and the print-compagny.

The way of editing my digital art-prints has many similarities with my earlier way of printing my mono-prints, which I started to make since 1999 already. In both techniques I use several picture-layers which come from my photos I made in the large Dutch cities. At the end of the making-process I fuse these layers together - one over the other - into the one and definite art-print.  

In my recent graphic art - since 2008 already - I use for every new picture-layer a new photo or piece from a photo. The photos I take for myself, in the main cities of The Netherlands: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht. So you can frequently meet in my graphic art a mixture of images from their architecture and new building. Their recent growing is fascinating me last years.

Hilly van Eerten, - Dutch graphic artist